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Permanently Putting to Rest all APC-Nonsense of Brandishing Julius Maada Bio a Murderer

  • Written by  Bitter Truth
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It is always unethical and therefore morally unacceptable to currently be Jack & Jerk, player & referee, drummer & dancer, complainant & judge, thief and whistleblower or worse the cause of catastrophic sufferings of a people and mouthpiece of the people. When all indications are that a wickedly barbarous government persistently casts upon its own people the spells of an untold catastrophic evil, it then becomes a moral imperative that any such government keeps its mouth shut regarding anything that deals with the defense of the destiny of the people.However, often have we seen the wickedly destructive Koroma-led APC (All People’s Congress) government persistently doing immoral acts in this nation of divine blessings and natural sweetness.

The APC government of lawless hooligans, rabble-rousers, thieves and looters plunder with impunity and today spends billions of illicitly stolen Leones from the banking systems of Sierra Leone to stage a Hitler-type of propaganda machinery of newspapers and indoctrinated field-reporters who pose as Press/Information Attachés and the likes across the globe.It is under this deceitful umbrella that Pa John Baimba Sesay finds himself in the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Beijing with a solid APC assignment to establish an APC propaganda campaign meant to brainwash Sierra Leoneans in the Asian Diaspora. What Baimba and his rogue APC clique fail to realize is that Asia is not Africa and all who travel and/or live in Asia can attest to this undisputable fact. Politics in Asia is not about fake media wars meant to deceptively captivate the emotions of the people.

In this fast-developing Asia, politics is about solid achievements on the ground measurable even by a layman. This is the reality that has stunned the world and continues to unfold right in the face of Baimba himself here in Beijing. This is witnessed in the developmental miracles achieved by Asia, the fast transforming lives of even peasant farmers and the growing influence and dominance of Asia in world affairs. In fact it is for this reason that Baimba’s boss, Koroma, is exploring every available opportunity to exploit China to maximum degree possible. Hence if Baimba were a guy of conscience, he would surely feel cornered by the fact that in China and indeed the rest of Asia, electricity, pipe-borne water, road/housing infrastructure, recreational facilities like open public parks, etc. are no longer issues for scoring political points. Baimba must know that we Africans are not any less human than the Asians to enjoy similar amenities in our lands. So let Baimba and his rogue APC clique do not take us the Sierra Leoneans in particular and Africans in general for granted.

We must once and for all tackle and permanently put to rest this APC-nonsense of brandishing the SLPP (Sierra People’s Party) flagbearer Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio a murderer in Sierra Leone. The Koroma-led APC government today talks of Bio as if it were he who took the gun or pushed the buttons of the gallows to exterminate Bambay Kamara; who himself was by all measures the most treacherous police chief to ever have lived. It seems increasingly clear that APC does not even know who this adjective actually befits. Patriotic Sierra Leoneans are not blind, silly or brain-dead as APC would want people to believe. Sierra Leoneans are conscious and brainy folks who keep accurate tracks of events (be they social, cultural, economic or political) in the country. Here we present the Koroma-led APC government a list of the most unscrupulous Sierra Leoneans the adjective “murderer” best fits.The APC godfather, Siaka Stevens, spent his entire life systematically eliminating (of course by gruesome brutal killings) his political opponents (the patriotic sons and daughters of Sierra Leone).

These gruesome killings paved the way for Stevens to single-handedly create an Armageddon within the state of Sierra Leone. Stevens’ successor, Joseph S. Momoh, (who actually was the son of Stevens from a fornication sins) continued on his father’s killer path and went on brutal killing sprees of sensitive statesmen like Minah and Kaikai. Also instead of working for a peaceful settlement via good governance, Momoh armed the Sierra Leone army and police forces to kill over 50, 000 of the millions of people who protested against his discriminative and catastrophic APC rule. Bambay Kamara, the architect of all the horrific killings under both Stevens and Momoh, ensured that all protests arising from extra-judicial political killings were forcefully suppressed. Johnny Paul Koroma led a disguised APC-sponsored armed rebellion under the AFRC (Armed Forces Revolutionary Council) junta with the ultimate goal of illegally restoring APC back to power. During the treacherous rule of Johnny Paul Koroma, an utter anarchy was loosed upon Sierra Leone; claiming several more thousands of lives in cold blood.

Indeed the notorious murder records of APC would be incomplete without making mention of S. I. Koroma (SIK). As the First Vice President of Sierra Leone under the master-murderer, Siaka Stevens, the SIK infamous statement on the Mende Tribe in Sierra Leone is today yet another strong living testimony to the killer operations of APC. In his own words, SIK uttered this history-making statement: “... there will be a time when only history will tell about the existence of the Mende Tribe in Sierra Leone”. SIK actually was talking about wiping out, by violent brutal killings, the entire Mende Tribe in Sierra Leone. So had he the opportunity to be the president of Sierra Leone, SIK (with his open hatred for the Mendes) would have set the stage ripe for genocide comparable in scale only to the WW11 Holocaust perpetuated by Nazi-Germany against the Jews.

Now under the Koroma-led APC government, we have seen several APC orchestrated waves of violence that have claimed the lives of countless Sierra Leoneans across the country. Ernest Bai Koroma (EBK) has armed his lawless police force with military-grade weapons which they recently used to quell down a protest in the iron-ore mines in the APC-stronghold in the north. The incident also claimed the lives of some poor innocent peasant laborers in the mines. For his building project in Freetown, EBK has also squandered the compensations of the hundreds of people whose houses were forcefully put down in the white-elephant road construction project in Freetown meant only to politically deceive the people. The mental torture arising from the dilemma of losing houses without appropriate and timely compensations has cost some of the house owners their lives. Are EBK and the APC gangsters not treacherous enough to be brandished the serial murderers of Sierra Leone? Alternatively, does APC still long us to believe that the lives of this leadership of gangsters worth more than the lives of the politically innocent citizens whose lives are gruesomely butchered in cold blood?

In fact we the patriotic citizens of Sierra Leone are ever more appreciative of the NPRC (National Provisional Ruling Council) junta, whose bravery actually ended the Stevens-Momoh APC tyranny in Sierra Leone. NPRC did not only exterminate tyrants like Bambay and the others, but also started a negotiated peaceful settlement to the brutal rebel/civil war and instituted a truly open multi-party democracy in Sierra Leone. Because of his enormous patriotism, Bio is today the only living legend with the immeasurable credit of transforming Sierra Leone from the decadence of rebel/civil war and profligacy of a brutal dictatorship into a flourishing multi-party democracy. It is even under the auspices of the Bio-architected democracy that someone as immoral as Ernest Bai Koroma can win the presidency of Sierra Leone. Thus instead of launching any immoral propaganda war against Bio, EBK should be grateful for the creation of the environment he exploited to be what he is today in Sierra Leone. But as EBK would ever continue to misinform (by lying about even his academic and moral credentials) the people of Sierra Leone for gimmicky political points, he will remain blind to all moral and political achievements in by other leaders in Sierra Leone.

With this backdrop, we advise the Koroma-led APC government to henceforth stop using unrealistic scenarios as a cover for scoring cheap political points. The people’s resolve against the APC establishment is immense and no amount of gimmicky political game will change this resolution. To give you a jest of the reality, Bitter-Truth, on a mission in Freetown, happened to run into a guy who beamed with pride for personally carrying out retribution of justice against Bambay Kamara. This guy proudly told Bitter-Truth that he slapped Bambay Kamara hard in the face in a Parliamentary forum and sneaked into the crowd before police security came to his (Bambay) rescue. In his words, it was his own little way of paying Bambay back in his own coins for the discriminatory and destructive policies he instituted against the people of Sierra Leone. Many of the people interviewed scored that were it possible, Bambay should brutally be re-killed several thousand folds before putting him to a final death. The people sounded the same for not only those executed along with Bambay, but also Siaka Stevens, Joseph S. Momoh, Johnny P. Koroma. They also said that should the current trends of events continue in Sierra Leone, the same fate would befit EBK.

Given this opinion poll, we wonder where all this politically-motivated APC brandishing of Bio a murderer is emanating from. If Bio were all that a murderer, would he have been given multiple visas to tour Europe to hammer home his new-generation political vision for Sierra Leone? If you still have to label Bio a murderer, then what EBK and his stooges say about APC Strasser and Nyuma? What again can we say about EBK himself who, over just four years of absolute power abuse and destructive misrule, has ordered persistent violence against the people?Opening one eye on one event and closing another on another sister event is always the APC policy of deception, brutality and tyranny in Sierra Leone. Now in this internet age, we will stand firm and always expose all moral iniquities in the rank and file of any government of Sierra Leone; be it under APC or SLPP rule.

Written by Bitter-Truth

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