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What is all the hulabalu about?

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It is amazing the way the ruling APC government and its supporters are reacting to the SLPP’s disclosure of the nefarious methods they have planned and are already putting into practice in order to retain power in November. They have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and are putting a brave face on in an attempt to turn an embarrassing series of events to propaganda which favors them. But in the current climate, only they with their gullible propaganda machines will take them seriously.

They can invite Maada Bio and any number of us for questioning but we will stick to our story that they had made these diabolical plans for prospective migrant voters to be rushed to our strongholds for registration and for some of those people to cause mayhem on polling day. Let me remind the leader if he needs a reminder at all, that during one of his  earliest visits to Bo his minister of state at the time Musa Tarawali reportedly presented a group of Kamajors to him. Those people assured the head of state that they would win over the southern region for the APC. Yes, he donated a large sum of money to them.

I don’t know whether the head of state listens to David Tam-Baryoh’s monologue radio programme. If so he may have heard David interviewing the current minister of the south Moijueh Kaikai on his visit to a reunion of former combatants which event took place in Mattru Jong. Moijueh had attended the reunion as a guest of honour. And only a fool would believe that in their discussions the participants merely reminisced on how they the ex combatants dealt with the RUF during the 11 year brutal war. What is reportedly happening in the south and east now was one of the strategies that were agreed at the so called reunion.

The government wants evidence; the head of  “an independent and an impartial” CID has accordingly invited Bio for questioning. As I type this column on this Saturday morning my mobile phone has continued to ring almost non stop with one question, “Is it true that Maada Bio has been arrested?” My answer has continued to be that I don’t know and that is a fact. Surely the head of the CID cannot be unaware of reports of strange groups of people appearing in places like Kenema, Pujehun, Koinadugu among others. The deputy minister of state health and sanitation is in his former Kailahun constituency making efforts to import Liberia Kissis into Kissi Tongie. And as I wrote yesterday it would be naïve for anyone to think that these people would be roaming the place with clear labels on their forehead.

Did the CID head listen to John Bangura of the civil society organization HOPE, which has been engaged in promoting peace and reconciliation? Let the head of the police force for good confirm that no suspicious cases have been brought to the attention of his men out there or that John Bangura is only running wild with imagination. In any case what is all the fuss about if the SLPP makes those and similar allegations against the APC? Prior to the 2007 Parliamentary elections, the then opposition APC was putting out defamatory propaganda about the then ruling SLPP's involvement in cannibalism and human sacrifices. The same bought-over press which is joining their patrons in the present hysteria did publish some of those ugly rumours.

Does this government realize that if a people are denied their rights for long, it can only be for a time and they would certainly react negatively in the end? Have people forgotten about how sections of Pujehun district were suppressed in the eighties leading to the murder in cold blood of a prominent son of the soil? Did society not have to pay a price in the activities of the Ndorgboyosoi? What are the factors that ultimately led to the 11 year old rebel war? Oh yes, it may take time but eventually an oppressed people who are denied their intrinsic rights may seek redress in some other way. This is not an alarm bell; it is simply a note of warning to our friends for whom it is power by any means. The head of the CID may also invite me for questioning and I would willingly go with my pajamas under my arms.

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