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The pa has spoken...also Christiana Thorpe

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President Barack Obama of the United States of America has come in for sharp criticism which puts his chance of being reelected next November at risk. This has nothing to do with the current spate of incumbents being displaced by challengers as in Zambia and Senegal and which may happen in France. Current opinion polls put the 44th President way ahead of any of his prospective Republican challengers, which now seems more likely to be Mitt Romney former Governor of Massachusetts. 

A recent study has revealed that the President uses complete and grammatically correct sentences. The report says that Americans are not used to that, especially after eight years of George W Bush with his incomplete sentences etc, actually I had never noticed Bush’s grammar although he had become quite notorious for gaffes.

Well, our own President Ernest Bai Koroma addressed us his subjects last Friday, on the occasion of the country’s 51st, anniversary celebration. It was a fine speech, grammar and all and properly delivered with the pauses and emphases in the right places. An unkind person would go as far as saying that much of it was rhetoric with the chief executive's eyes on November 17. Don’t anyone dare to ask me what the soothsayers are saying about it because neither I nor my nephew believes in such superstitious practices. As I say it was a fine speech in content and I have no doubt that it raised the hairs of my former comrades of the red sun. One paragraph interested me and here I reproduce it in full. “Later this year we will hold national elections. We call on every Sierra Leonean to stay law abiding, tolerant and peaceful. That is the only way we will stay the course of democracy, development and transformation.(can you see what I am saying here?)

The patriotic transformation demands that we repudiate the men of violence among us, that men and women of goodwill in every party and region stands up against the extremists and the arrogant among us. This nation is on the move and we must not be distracted.” When I heard my nephew say that and then confirmed it in print later, I screamed “hallelujah” and “Amen” with delight and gusto. Who wouldn’t, that is, unless they were in the class that my nephew exhorts us to repudiate? I was also tempted to substitute “exterminate” for repudiate but that would neither be democratic nor progressive. Forty eight hours after his Excellency’s statement I began to wonder what had happened to the recommendations in the Shears-Moses commission report, more poignantly I was very anxious to know the where abouts of Musa Tarawalli, Foday government wharf, Leather boot or yeti yeti.

I couldn’t reconcile their continued present whereabouts and status with what his Excellency had said when he received the Kelvin Lewis committee report, which was that those who were guilty of perpetuating violence would not be taking part in the November elections. I understood from that that the likes of the people just named above would be nowhere near registration centres let alone for one of them to move with his entire bodyguards to Bo in readiness for November which for them may be November bout. Well, as the French would say “he who lives shall see.”

That gentlemen who constantly suffers from verbal  diarrhoea and leads a satellite party to the ruling APC recently wondered on David Tam-Baryoh’s monologue radio programme why it was that every election which the opposition SLPP wins was marred by violence whereas those won by the APC were peaceful. As Sherlock Holmes would say to his buddy, “Elementary my dear Watson!” In APC strongholds the opposition SLPP makes no attempt to intimidate or disrupt the proceedings but to simply cast their vote and wait for the result, where as in SLPP strongholds, the APC go with a determination to grab the seat at whatever cost. Can you see the point UDM’s Mr. Mohamed Bangura?

In Monday’s edition of the Awareness Times newspaper is a reproduction of a very vital article written on September 19, 2007 by Sylvia Blyden two days after Christiana Thorpe had handed over the runoff election result to the then opposition candidate. It is a sober reflection. In addition to the issues raised, it must be noted that after the counting of the results at every polling station, the tally is signed by the Presiding officer and the agents of the candidates. Up to when she removed all election results figures from the NRC website Christiana Thorpe refused to produce a single poll result with those signatories to justify her invalidation scandal, assuming she had the authority to do any such thing. And the same woman is asking Parliament to give her absolute power to do as she had previously done illegally and in the process completely disregard any election court. Over to you honourable lawmakers; the eyes of posterity will be on you as you make that momentous decision, "To be or not to be."

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