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Mr President beware of "That woman"!

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Stored in a cupboard in the store of my office is a beautiful round shaped wall clock. The face carries the Palm Tree symbol of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party, SLPP. Also inscribed on it is the motto of the party, “ONE COUNTRY, ONE PEOPLE.” It should have been on display in the waiting room so that it would be visible to visitors, but it hasn’t been simply because the clock cannot be relied on to give the correct time, which reminds me of Mayor George Herbert Williams’s clock at the Eastern police station.

The clock was a belated birthday present from my niece Sylvia Olayinka Blyden to her favourite uncle Sama on my 80th birthday two years ago. Along with the clock was a beautifully inscribed flattery greetings card together with a United States hundred dollar bill.

The latter was in response to the appeal I made for contributions towards the East window project of College Chapel Church. In February last year former President Tejan-Kabbah invited me to chair the programme for the launching of his Autobiography at the British Council hall. The person who proudly introduced me with the most flattery compliments was Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, publisher, editor in chief and chief columnist of the awareness times newspaper, “the most widely circulated and most widely read tabloid in the country." Yes, the same Sylvia Blyden who today uses the vilest insulting language about me in her newspaper. The same Sylvia Olayinka Blyden who assured me that her mother was an avid reader of the Puawui column.

Several friends have asked me what it all was about and my answer has been that the lady has a notorious trait in that she cannot be corrected or contradicted; and if it were physically and morally in her power, she would crush anyone who dared carry a contrary view to hers.  In December 2010, the awareness times newspaper began to publish a series of the most derogatory remarks against the then prospective contender for the flag dearer position of the SLPP, retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio. because the latter's men had assaulted her staff. I tried to intervene quietly and when that failed I wrote in the Puawui column that her continuous onslaught on the young man might actually win him sympathy from her readers.

I reminded her that too much of a thing can be counterproductive. Sylvia’s response was to tell her readers that I was not neutral and that I had written that opinion because my daughter was having a romantic relationship with retired Julius Maada Bio. It was not the first time that she had reacted negatively to my advice when I tried to settle a quarrel between the publisher of the Global Times newspaper Sorie Fofana and the publisher of the on-line New People newspaper respectively, both gentlemen on each occasion gladly welcomed my move. But the lady would have none of it. Her readers must be familiar with what she has been spewing out about me. This does not surprise me because anyone with her kind of split personality would surprise no sober minded person.

Even as I write this, she is at war with some of her other publisher colleagues.  Yes, this is the woman who shamelessly referred to the color of his Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma’s underwear, in addition to spending more than six months lambasting his illegal ascension to the Presidency. Today she is figuratively speaking all over him, following him to Port Loko on Pray day and to Kailahun, as far as Koindu. Yes this is the woman who would play on the sufferings of the miserable people of Guinea occupied town of Yenga for purely publicity purpose.  Yesterday she was going everywhere and quoting the chairman of the opposition SLPP just as she is now pursuing Ernest Bai Koroma with her usual hidden agenda.

Here I must warn his Excellency that the woman Sylvia Olayinka Blyden is a rattle snake who must on no account be allowed beyond his sitting room and must never venture near his bedroom, let alone be allowed to "seek confirmation" of the color of his Excellency’s underwear. For the benefit of my readers I shall give a brief summary of my entry into main line politics and especially my sojourn in the ministry of finance and economic development. There are many eminent men and women who served with me in that ministry as well as others who have intimate knowledge of my political history, never mind the trash that the woman has written.

As for my initial encounter with Foday Sankoh and our Yamoussoukro meeting she and others mix fact with imagination, but the video cassette must be with the SLBC, then SLBS.

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