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The APCs "Dutch Auction" tactics

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True to its reputation the APC really has ninety-nine ways in which it wins, or rather by which it rigs elections. The interesting thing is that they are all done in broad daylight which demonstrates the absolute contempt with which they regard the ordinary Sierra Leonean. I have not ceased to wonder about who advises his Excellency on some of these gimmicks, because they are so blatant that even a blind man could see through them. The party has been in power for almost five years thanks to Christiana Thorpe and her regime change friends. During all those years the most the government did about the Hajj was to distribute the usual scholarships donated by friendly Islamic states and organizations.


In typical APC style these were usually distributed to the party faithful. Last year which was the beginning of the last of its mandatory five years, it pleased his Excellency to donate a thousand United States dollars to each Pilgrim in the Holy land of Mecca. Now that it’s in the last few last months of its last year, the Vice President has announced to a convention of southern region Imams that his Excellency will do even better this year. It will sponsor one Pilgrim from each chiefdom of the country which would total ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE would-be Pilgrims. That calculated at just over three thousand United States dollars per head will lead to a colossal sum of money.

The above number does not as yet include the hundreds, if not a thousand or more Imams in the Western region. The figure is mouth watering. This is an occasion when it is justified to speculate that there is no free lunch. Naturally the would be Pilgrims would in return offer special prayers for his Excellency. Over and above that there will be special agents reminding them of their quid pro quo when they return to their communities. Why, nothing other than to campaign for the President’s reelection. Talk about a Dutch auction and all that!

The interesting question here is whether some clever praise singer would remind the chief Executive of the very large Christian clerics who would also like to visit the other Holy land of Israel and to walk the path that our Savior followed during his time on earth, particularly the road from Jericho to Jerusalem, with his eyes set resolutely on the Cross of Calvary. So then, my friend and brother Alimamy Koroma, former Secretary General of the Council of Churches of Sierra Leone, will you do something about that?

But in the process you must remind yourself about Christ’s teaching on the Left hand not knowing what the Right hand does. Let not your giving be in public otherwise you may “banfar”  (dilute or make it sinful) it. It has also only dawned on his Excellency’s advisers that there is a very strong element of Sierra Leone society whom this government in its divisive policy had practically ignored when it came to distributing the national cake. I refer of course to our brothers and sisters of the western region, THE CREOLES who had also been marginalized and practically forgotten, Interestingly it has only now dawned on the government, less than six months to the Presidential and Parliamentary elections, to appoint FIVE Creoles at once to various state institutions. We congratulate our brothers and sisters and at the same time we remind our friends that the Creoles are no fools.

The government is straining all its nerves at damage control. Every effort is being made to play down his Excellency’s recent “I am a Loko” gaffe, but it doesn’t seem to be wearing well especially now that his people have trivialized it with Panguma Mende and Kroo bay Krio. Thankfully the awareness times newspaper is in overdrive putting all the blame on south eastern politicians. This 82 year old obsolete politician named Sama Banya is having the fun of his life with the latest APC gimmicks. At last our team was off to Brussels. Is it true that when the biometric figures are finally tallied, that is when the central computer itself goes to work, there will be shock waves in those areas which produced those unexpectedly high registration figures. It will be something to laugh about.

Another cross-carpet ceremony at APC headquarters for over the long expected and much anticipated event of Alhaji Usu Boie and others, including the American Major Koroma and his two votes. The non-surprise element now for Puawui is Alhaji Yaya D Kamara, former SLPP northern regional  chairman and chairman of the council of Imams. None of it will change anything as Maada Bio and Kadi Sesey sail forth to victory in November .

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