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Unusual Business Boom in Sierra Leone under EBK-led APC Regime

  • Written by  Bitter - Truth
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This piece is written in reaction to the article pressed by John Baimba Sesay (the Press Attaché to the Sierra Leone Diplomatic Mission in Beijing, China) regarding “Development Incentives” in Sierra Leone. Is John Baimba Sesay a seasoned APC party praise singer? Or is he a political opportunist with a vested interest in misinforming the people and the wider international community with made-up stories about Sierra Leone? It is really unbelievable and almost distasteful to see such club of people so much engaged in writings that contravene the realities on the ground.

This level of unjustifiable stage-management is just another show of Baimba's continued blind praise singing of Ernest Bai Koroma's corrupt and authoritarian APC party. However, if records are a living witness, then it's important for the people to recall the past and present writings by APC-appointed northern praise singers or what we rightly term as the APC “civil serpents” both at home and in our diplomatic missions abroad. The writings of these APC civil serpents are always centered on gross deception by deliberately distorting the facts. These APC-appointed guys of the Northern Limba/Temne clansmen go with the heavily brainwashed doctrine that the people of Sierra Leone are all stupid or at least the global community is so disconnected that they have no means of learning about the practical realities on the ground in Sierra Leone. This dictatorship brainwashed ideology commits the APC civil serpents into believing that people outside the APC club of alien politicians still continue to live in the caveman era and as such only the law of the jungle is the best operative of rule.

Baimba is surely out of touch with the sufferings of the Sierra Leone people. Also without question, Ernest Bai Koroma's corrupt and violence-ridden APC administration is making progress in running the banks of Sierra Leone dry. It is therefore needless to point to the acute liquidity crisis that currently pervades in Sierra Leone as a result of the unusual business environment. Ernest is indeed making progress in turning Sierra Leone into a business, his family empire for the alien APC politicians. We can also point to the progress made in coddling seasoned corrupt government officials like the heads of NASSIT and NRA. It is also needless to talk about the Indian/Guinea rice scandal, the cocaine scandal, the timber-gate scandal, the embezzlement of the Kenema-Kailahun road funds by Ernest’s brother Sylvanus Koroma, the continued mismanagement, misappropriation and embezzlement of government funds/tax payer's monies (see 2010 Auditor General's report), and this list can go without end. This is the unusual order of business investment in Sierra Leone today. The few companies that have managed to be on the ground today run clandestine kickback accounts for the APC stewards in return for unpatriotic unbusiness-like tax rebates that are supposed to be going into government revenue. It is just a bunch of rogue politicians on the loose and inhumanely plundering Sierra Leone and molesting her people.

The primary watch element of all business people around the world is profit. Sierra Leone, the least developing country with the most blatant corruption and lawlessness in the world today, is just the ripest safe heaven for dubious business starters and established rogue companies. No wonder why such companies abound in Sierra Leone today and are spending as much as possible towards the reelection maneuvers of the anti-people APC Government. The investment motivation here is to continue to encourage these unusual companies to operate in Sierra Leone at the expense of the vast masses of the poor. It is the ultimate political goal of the corrupt APC Government to plunder the country into the state of desolate mortgage and to eventually open an African gateway for cocaine and human trafficking. So Ernest and his gang of rogues will definitely continue to write-off taxes for these businesses for kickbacks into their family accounts abroad. This unusual favorable business environment praise sung by Baimba is now the root cause of the liquidity crisis and lecturer strikes for non-payment of salaries in the country. Baimba with his cohorts must know that the people are suffering under the makings of APC and if he cannot help alleviate the plight of the people, he better not make mockery of it either. For any such mockery will not be taken lightly by the suffering masses of Sierra Leone.

To us fighting corruption by the APC regime is like deploying vultures to protect the corpses of dead animals in the jungle.  As funny as it may sound, it however, depicts the naked truth about the APC party. Despite is vast deposits of natural resources and low population, Sierra Leone today remains the least developed country in the world. More than five million of the seven million Sierra Leoneans today go to bed hungry, diseased and naked. The dilapidated colonial structures continue to be the best infrastructures now 60 years after the British left. The banks are cash dry, the Sierra Leone government is broke like never before, people with bank accounts cannot even withdraw their own monies because of severe liquidity problem and above all the national debt continues to skyrocket. This is to say that people’s sufferings continue unabated, the people have completely lost faith in Ernest’s APC Government, and the club of rogue APC politicians continue to play the role of vultures guarding dead animals in the jungle. In the midst of all these crises, the rogue politicians and their families continue to drive the latest SUV cars on daily basis whilst also concurrently constructing multiple mansions.

The masses of the people have become desperately haggard and tired of living in ghettos (which are actually shanty towns around the bay that are most fit for pigs’ homes) under the so loudly praised business conditions created by the APC “civil serpents” in Sierra Leone Examples of Shantytown where the masses of the people live with pigs in ghettos around the bay area.

If Ernest is really fighting corruption, then why has the praise-singer Baimba failed to explain to the people of Sierra Leone the failure of the APC Government and leadership to arrest the heads of NASSIT, NRA, Funna, Sylvanus Koroma, and The Vice President. This APC stooge should explain to the nation the non-investigation of the timber-gate scandal, the cocaine-gate scandal, the Indian/Guinea rice scandal and the embezzlement of the Kenema-Kailahun road funds. We are anxious to here from Baimba the most plausible explanation for the non-payment of Freetown City Council workers for seven months now.

It is only the heartless and inhuman like Baimba who would praise-sing youth employment in Sierra Leone today. In fact according to International Labor Organization, Sierra Leone is the country with the highest unemployment in the world; over eighty percent of the population is unemployed under the current APC regime. With this highest number of youth unemployment in the country, Baimba seems to ridicule the plights of these folks by window-dressing such a crucial social issue that increasingly costs the lives of innocent Sierra Leoneans.

Regarding electricity supply in Sierra Leone, we wonder if Baimba knows about the persistent darkness people have to do with on a daily basis in Freetown, the provinces and the lack of any foreseeable strategy to tackle this basic social issue. We frankly think that Baimba should be humbled by now for living in non-stop electricity supply since his arrival in Beijing, China. It is adequately understandable that people like John Baimba Sesay persistently lie for a living. However, it is also even more important that in doing such dysfunctional onslaught on the nation, one has to have a sense of empathy for the people and do all it takes to ensure that the people’s dignity and livelihoods are adequately served. Writing baseless articles filled with praise songs that are meant to distort the facts can never-ever be the way forward. If Baimba truly has Sierra Leone at heart, then should stand up for realistic issues; issues that are developmental and life-saving. We therefore ask Baimba to go tell his president (his comrade–in-corruption) to dismantle the horrible policies of the APC administration and focus instead on rational nation building. For APC to be people-oriented, it must in all earnest stand up against corruption and strengthen the peace process. Any thing short of these moves is concomitant to heading the nation towards the miserable path of destruction. This will never be in the interest of the peace-loving, development-oriented and patriotic Sierra Leoneans.

Written by Bitter Truth


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