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All the President’s Friends and Associates: More Shady Revelations of Sam Sumana’s Swindling Case...Dr Muana goes behind the news headlines

  • Written by  Dr Patrick Muana
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Desperate to deflect charges from a former business associate that he had defrauded his former business associates of large sums of money and equipment, Vice President Sam Sumana has been scampering around and asking another equally shady diamond hustler and close friend of his to try and either dismiss or minimize Mark Heigliman’s valid charges. But as another “business” associate of the Vice President emerges from the Vice President’s shadowy world of “associates” past and present, there is the consistent narrative of Sam Sumana’s collusion with lone foreign adventurers who continue to exploit Sierra Leone’s diamonds and timber with impunity.

Hudson, Wisconsin resident, Todd Franck who is married to Laura Franck is one such character who is beholden to Sam Sumana in more ways than one. As it is, the plot thickens even further as Sierra Leoneans are transfixed by the breathless and shameless spectacle of the Vice President recruiting an even murkier diamond hustler with close ties to President Koroma and himself to explain away a case of swindling two Minnesota-based business associates. Sam Sumana produces no paper trail for hundreds of thousands of dollars of Dave Kloeber’s money which it is claimed he has extorted and ferreted away while arrogantly assuming that David Kloeber and Mark Heigliman would never ask him for the money and equipment worth five hundred thousand dollars.

Investigations reveal a trail of dishonesty, fabrication, and misrepresentation by Sam Sumana and his recruited image cleaner, Todd Franck:
1. Mark Heigliman has affirmed in two telephone interviews that Todd Franck has never been a business associate of theirs and he is not in any way connected with the expansive multimillion dollar operations of David Kloeber.

2. As a matter of fact, Todd Franck has never interacted with Mark Heigliman and therefore cannot speak with any authority about him.

3. David Kloeber never authored, signed, or caused to be transmitted any letter addressed to Sam Sumana on Tuesday, July 24, 2012. So the million dollar question is who authored the letter? David Kloeber, a very cautious and self-made millionaire, the investigative team is told, does not send unsigned letters to people making promises.

4. The purported letterhead on which the letter was written is NOT the official letterhead of D. N. K Management Inc, David Kloeber’s headquarter company in Little Canada, Minnesota.

5. David Kloeber does not refer to Sam Sumana as “VP”; he refers to him as “Sam.”

6. David Kloebar has no interest in the politics of Sierra Leone and therefore would not comment on the politics of Sierra Leone in any way; his interest in Sierra Leone, investigations reveal, was to make an honest profit by investing in a promising business concept in Sierra Leone. A self-made millionaire, David Kloeber has focused on entrepreneurship and refused to dabble in the world of politics - his financial contributions to American politics have never exceeded $1,000 and those publicly documented. As a matter of fact, he has never visited Sam Sumana in Sierra Leone.

7. David Kloeber did make out a personal loan of $34,000.00 to Sam Sumana sometime in late 2007 – a loan that has yet to be repaid, as far as he knows.

8. That the business contact between him and Sam Sumana was mediated by an associate of his, Mark Heigliman, who first presented Sam Sumana to him as a friend and as someone who could manage a business concept dealing in diamonds in Sierra Leone.

9. David Kloeber has no intimate social relationship and does not regularly communicate with Sam Sumana, his wife, or his family by telephone or by email.

10. David Kloeber financed the purchase of heavy equipment which was shipped from the Port of Houston, Texas and received in the Port of Freetown at the request of Sam Sumana and Mark Heigliman. Sam Sumana was expected to report to Mark Heigliman, who in turn would report to him, Dave Kloeber.

11. David Kloeber never realized any major proceeds from the 2003-2009 operations of yje UDM; David Kloeber or his associate, Mark Heigliman never received a cent from the sale of $300,000 of used clothing shipped to and sold by Sam Sumana in Sierra Leone. Sam Sumana claims to have sunk the entire amount in business expenses for which he never provided any records.

12. Sam Sumana, through Mark Heigliman consistently reported undocumented losses throughout the operation of the company – 2003-2009.

13. Investigations reveal that Todd Franck told David Kloeber that Sam Sumana had sent at least $120,000 in diamonds and money to Mark Heigliman and that it had been Mark Heigliman who had withheld all the money from David Kloeber. Todd Franck is said to have provided no evidence to support Sam Sumana’s claim that he had transmitted said amount and how he had transmitted the total amount of $120,000 and over what periods.

14. Todd Franck is also said to have told David Kloeber that Sam Sumana had repaid $32,000 of the loan taken by Sam Sumana in 2007 in two installments of $20,000 and $12,000 through a certain Abdulai Rahim who runs a money exchange bureau in Maryland. Asked to whom the money was paid, Todd Franck, again perplexed by what to say, told David Kloeber that Abdulai Rahim paid the monies directly into the company account to which Mark Heigliman and Sam Sumana had access. Asked for records of remittance, Todd Franck and Sam Sumana do NOT have any record of remittance of such amounts of money and cannot produce such a record.

15. Investigations further reveal that Sam Sumana lied about making such huge remittances to America through a money transfer bureau as any amounts in excess of $12,000 to a US subject automatically triggers US Federal anti-money laundering laws and Internal Revenue Service regulations on money transfers.

16. Investigations point to the fact that David Klober never received formal notification by way of a telephone call, email, or letter from Sam-Sumana in 2007 that he was withdrawing from the business venture because he was now Vice President. One the contrary, Mark Heigliman had informed David Kloeber that he was still in continual contact with Sam Sumana about the equipment and the over $300,000 in money invested. Todd Franck did not produce evidence of any communication from Sam Sumana to David Kloeber expressing his desire to withdraw from the company.

17. David Kloeber also pointed out that Sam Sumana had not maintained contact with him ever since he took a loan of $34,000 and failed to account for nearly half a million dollars invested in the business.

18. Investigations reveal that Todd Franck informed David Kloeber that Sam Sumana had assured that all his $500,000 in equipment was available and that Sam Sumana would cause for the complete value of the equipment to be paid to David Kloeber within one year.

19. David Kloeber concluded the meeting by stating that his only interest is not Mark or the politics of Sierra Leone; he just wants his half a million dollars in equipment back. He stated that Sam Sumana had avoided communicating with him for years and that he had not spoken to Mark Heigliman for few months but that he had been aware all this while of Mark Heigliman’s attempts to collect the money and the value of the equipment from Sam Sumana.

1. Todd Franck is a close friend and business associate of Sam Sumana and he presents himself as representing Sam Sumana’s business and other interests in the USA.

2. Todd Franck runs SierraGlobalMinerals which is a two man company co-run with Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, a Minneapolis-resident Sierra Leonean attorney and entrepreneur.

3. Todd Franck has very close ties with the All People’s Congress (APC) party. In addition to his intimate relationship with Sam Sumana who has safeguarded his diamond mining interests in Sierra Leone and who he has visited in his office, he has also personally met with and spoken at length with President Ernest Koroma.

4. President Ernest Koroma personally invited Todd Franck to his Presidential hotel suite in New York when the President visited New York for the United Nations summit. Todd Franck had dinner with the President and his wife, and he received a personal pass into the UN General Assembly as a member of the President’s delegation. Such an invitation and meeting were not by chance.

5. Todd Franck’s business partner, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh vied for the chairmanship of the APC in Minnesota but lost to current APC Chairman, Alpha Sorie Kargbo. Reports indicate that Sam Sumana had personally encouraged Todd Franck’s business partner to become APC Chairman of Minnesota in order to consolidate his political roots in his “home” state as he did not feel very secure with the national leadership of the APC. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh had been part of the reception organizers when Sam Sumana visited Minnesota in 2009.

6. So the facts speak for themselves: Todd Franck presents himself as a representative of the interests of Sam Sumana in America and he also affirms that he has personally interacted with President Koroma and his wife in the intimate confines of the President’s hotel suite. Todd Franck also has strong personal and other connections to Sam Sumana and the APC and a leading APC member in Minnesota.

1. At 10:30 AM Eastern Time in the USA, Todd Franck made contact with the CEO of New People Online CEO from telephone number 1 651-343-6933 stating that he was an attorney Friend of Sam Sumana and that he had received a call from Sam Sumana asking him to be a character reference.

2. Todd Frank revealed during the conversation that he had also scheduled a meeting with David Kloeber.

3. It emerged that simultaneously, another NEW PEOPLE investigator was on the telephone with Amanda, the personal assistant to David Kloeber on (651) 773-8077 who indicated at the time that David Kloeber did not want to speak about the matter.

4. After reassurances that Sam Sumana would make good on all outstanding balances and return of equipment, David Kloeber is said to have narrated his experience with United Diamond Mining and his other two associates, Sam Sumana and Mark Heigliman to Todd Franck.

5. It is after this meeting that Todd Franck wrote the unsigned letter on a fabricated letter head of David Kloeber’s holding company in Little Canada, Minneapolis.

Todd Franck is a moderately successful hustler who first ventured into Sierra Leone to purchase gems from locals, smuggle them out of Sierra Leone, and re-sell those gems at a massive profit in the US. He was originally double-crossed by locals and he nearly lost his life.

Public records reveal an unenviable list of undesirables in Todd Franck’s background
1. Records do not show that he is a practicing attorney although he presents himself as one. He owes delinquent taxes to the State of Wisconsin.

2. His Posh Minerals and Mining LLC company which was open between 2004 and 2008 was administratively dissolved in still unclear circumstances.

3. He has dabbled in the mortgage industry, working with St, Croix Mortgage Inc. which was based at 1830 Webster St Ste 120, Hudson, WI 54016.

4. But even in the real estate world, he is burdened with legal baggage. He is listed in the Wisconsin Landlord Complaint Record #20-0559 for unacceptable business conduct toward a client.

5. In another real estate deal, he again lost his legal appeal #2008AP791 in the State of Wisconsin Court of Appeals, District III Cir. Ct. No. 2005CV759 when his appeal involving another shady real estate deal was thrown out of court.

6. Another law suit involving real estate was filed against Todd Franck and his wife, Laura Franck in March 2012 case styled Bank of America v. Todd C. Franck; Case No. 12-CV-63.

Sam Sumana’s presentation has raised new red flags about whether he lied to the Sierra Leonean people and to his business associates.

1. Who is Abdulai Rahim, the purported money transfer agent in Maryland? Is he real? If he is, what volume of money has he transferred on behalf of Sam Sumana? Has he reported all such amounts in compliance with United States laws? Did the alleged businessman comply with federal law in making these huge money transfers on behalf of Sam Sumana – that is if it is even true that Sam Sumana ever made such remittances? The investigative team is determined to alert Federal government and Internal Revenue Service agents to the activities of this person relative to such huge transfers of money from Sam Sumana. One would expect that the President of a country would remit money through legally constituted banks and banking organizations.

2. It has already emerged that the photographs of equipment shown in the PowerPoint are not all the equipment purchased and shipped by David Kloeber and his associate, Mark Heigliman. Now that the investigative team has secured the full details of the equipment, the team challenges Sam Sumana to take a broad cross section of independent journalists to examine the equipment and crosscheck the validity of the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) of the equipment which Sam Sumana alleges is in safe storage as against the list of equipment shipped.

The investigations are continuing vigorously as a perceivably shady foreign diamond hustler (who has repatriated hundreds of thousands of dollars from Sierra Leone’s diamonds) and who has close ties to President Koroma himself and Sam Sumana so enthusiastically but furtively tries to explain away a raw case of the swindling of two Minnesota-based business associates of the Vice President, Sam Sumana.

Sam Sumana is not new to allegations of swindling. In 2009 and 2010, James and Barbara Westlake, former business partners of Sam Sumana filed a complaint in US District Court in Arkansas (NO: 4:09CV00861 SWW) alleging that they had been extorted by Sam Sumana and his named associates and Taakor company of $350,000 and they had had their equipment seized. Sam-Sumana, although named as a defendant, never entered an appearance in this case as he was never served a copy of the complaint and summons. An Al-Jazeera undercover stint also caught Sam Sumana on camera assuring undercover journalists that he would illegally use his influence to circumvent a national moratorium on felling timber.

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