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Not this time though President Koroma!

  • Written by  Sheku Lexmond Koroma (SLPPUK Publicity Secretary)
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We heard yesterday that our flag bearer was invited to the CID in relation to his letter of objection concerning the re-arming and deployment of ex-combatants to SLPP strongholds. Is this actually the reason why he had been invited? This shows how undemocratic this APC regime is. Is APC still of the belief that we are in the 70s and 80s? They need to check their cognitive abilities for re-assessment as the SLPP will never succumb to their indiscipline ethics.

It is very crucial at this point  that you know and comprehend Mr President, that the SLPP of ‘yester years’ is dead and buried and we the evolving generation will never be intimidated and are ready to stand up and protect our rights, people and party. The two tier justice system (one for your cronies and the other for your opponents) you have been using since you came into power must now stop and every Sierra Leonean must be ruled and governed by the same system.

I am now asking the police to check their records to see how many times our members have reported to various police stations regarding this matter. Is Koroma telling us that his policy is been dictated by his writers, whenever they raise issues he will act upon them and humiliate our leaders, not this time though.

I am not going to waste time on your ill-advised glorifier’s but to ask them to double check the definition of ‘DEMOCRACY’. What SLPP is demanding is a free, fair and violent free election and nothing else. But whenever we feel cheated this administration will create an artificial hitch to dishonour us, not this time though President Koroma.

Our flag bearer Ret. Julius Maada Bio is one of the few military leaders in the world who willingly relinquished power to a civilian rule. This is the man who is not only loved and respected by Sierra Leoneans but also by the international community. And I can say this with authority that we are not seeking your opinion to confirm this. To compare him with a leader whose quest for power is so huge that any one standing in his way including his party members will be stamped on is not only ridiculous and absurd but hurtful to peace loving Sierra Leoneans.  We therefore warn you to refrain from all electoral malpractices, injustices and listen to the people of Sierra Leone, the masses will speak out loud and nothing can suppress them, not this time though  President Koroma.





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