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APC Still Searching for a running mate by trial and error method

  • Written by  NP Eastern Province Correspondent
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With the current increase in South Eastern registration coupled with the total loss of support in Western Area, the number crunchers at the APC headquarters have done the math and panic has triggered a premature disclosure of the biggest piece of their “99 tactics”; the So Called declaration of their big sleeping mole, Tom Nyuma. This move was planned to have been announced in the thick of the presidential campaigns to send SLPP off guard.


Sources close to “high bab” vouchergate Foe, disclosed that there is a shift in strategy; step one of which was an open declaration of Tom Nyuma . This move is intended to test the pulses of the Kailahun people to the war time hero; the master of extrajudicial killings, the lone ranger, double pistol Tom Nyuma. Provided …..the Kailahun people continue their affection for the retired Soja, and can deliver one of two things: 25% of votes to APC or massive distraction by way of violence, that would equally reduce voter turnout by a similar or greater percentage he will be given the VP position and Timbergate Sumana would be fed to the wolves in a widely publicized media trial for his involvement in all forms of APC crimes. In effect, Sam Sumana would be used as a mop, the dirty rag to clean APC and rid them of the COCAINE GATE, TIMBER GATE  and a lot more. This is easy since the source of his original contribution to APC was rumored to have come from Cocaine sales,

But the Tom Nyuma move is no different from the Saj Musa move. At a time when we all thought that we had a hero in him, Saj Musa also joined an even more despicable group, The AFRC in similar hopes of gaining the Vice Presidency. He met his untimely demise mysteriously amongst his newly found friends.

As an indigene of the Court Barray, let me assure folks that our people support you for leading “their course”. We do not follow you on your own self destructing path. They believe in Torkpoi and would support the leadership of SLPP be it Tejan Kabba from far north or Kaddie Sesay from Port Loko. A first hand witness of the level of loyalty would be our current party Leader Chairman Benjamin and John Karimu. These folks took their own NUP to Kailahun and received serious flogging from the Palm tree in their own households in Segbwema. NUP then had the backing of NPRC including Tom Nyuma. The same boundless resource now enjoyed by APC. Their Slogan was “Feed the People” and they did fed the people. The People promptly voted to feed themselves.

But the trial and error goes on; They started with Jam Body and Kenema was discovered a No Go zone, they have toyed with the Sheki North/North formula and panicked. The Kono people are saying leave our son Sumana alone, he is serving with APC and expected to chop his chapping. Persistent attempts from the Range rover gift, multiple international trips and undisclosed sums of money has paid off with Ranger. But Ranger will not deliver Kailahun.

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