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As APC threatens prosecution; Usu Boie uses tribalism as an excuse to switch to APC

  • Written by  Bitter Truth
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Born, bred and educated under the auspices of SLPP (Sierra Leone People’s Party), Usu Boie Kamara gained civil servant appointment in Sierra Leone as a Mining Engineer in 1972 and subsequently rose to the post of Director of Mines in 2008. Boie’s activities in the ministry, especially in relation to how he got to filthily enrich himself, during the span of 1972-2008 is an issue that surely deserves a thorough scrutiny. However, Boie’s rise amongst the rank and file of the ministry, especially under the Kabba regime, could not be separated from his Mandingo link with the then president of Sierra Leone.

So for Boie to now turn around, after losing a presidential bit to Maada Bio and charge the SLPP party with tribalism is indeed ridiculous. These are the vices of the old politics of Sierra Leone, where the northern-based minority tribes (Mandingo, Limba, Loko, etc.), have always used the tribal card as a cover for ability or  incompetence.

In fact history shows that these northern-based minority tribes are not only hyper-tribalistic, but also overtly use tribal vibes to consolidate any positions of trust they hold in Sierra Leone. For instance, the Limba tribe used the infamous “Ekutay” (the Limber tribal clique) under the Momoh regime to consolidate exclusive power. While the Mandingo tribe also subversively played a similar tribal vibe under the Kabba regime, the Loko-Limba tribe is now busy with its own version of it under the Koroma regime. These northern-based minority tribes have always been and still remain a major issue of setback in the politics of Sierra Leone. In the minds of these minority tribes, they should always lead and direct the politics of Sierra Leone or risk being assimilated by the majority tribes; a doctrine that is now too plain to conceal. So it comes as no surprise to see Usu Boie heavily charging the SLPP party with tribalism. It is just part of this old thing of a baseless broader identity struggle of the northern-based minority tribes against the Mende/Temne majority tribes in the country.

Although there are several things wrong today with the politics of Sierra Leone, the one thing that really threatens to damage the entire country is wanton greed. It is in the effort of feeding this egoistic element of insatiable greed that corruption now pervades in an uncontrollable manner in the Sierra Leone society. Nobody wants to concede defeat to the other because of perceived would-be kickbacks associated with being the center of focus of the country. Just a year ago, Usu Boie addressed the nation as if he was the sole anointed statesman of Sierra Leone. Now just one year after, this same Usu Boie is behaving as the worst traitor of Sierra Leone whose sole interest is nothing less than exploiting and wrecking the nation. As it is with over the 98% Sierra Leoneans today, Boie was born in poverty, educated on scholarships and later got enriched via pervasive corruption in the Sierra Leone ministry of mines. It is this wealth which he has acquired via corruption that he now intends to use against the people to continue destroying the nation like never before. Boie and all his likes must, however, know that not anymore shall Sierra Leone bow to these vices of evil political tricks.

In fact there is so much confusion surrounding this Boie guy. It all starts with his name, which is neither Wusu nor Usu or Usman Boie Kamara; no one knows for sure which is which. Boie has further compounded an already complex situation by availing himself to blackmailing and exploitation by the Koroma-led corrupt and violence-ridden APC (All People’s Congress) government. Had Boie chosen to stay with the SLPP party after his loss to Bio and stayed put, all would have been quiet about him and the people could have viewed him as a true statesman in the making. Not even APC could have seen the cracks it now savagely exploits by aggressively driving wedges against Boie and his selfish soul. Instead, Boie grudgingly decided to leave SLPP after his loss to Bio and went around heavily ramping tribalism against the party.


Now APC has got a foot-hold on Boie by exploiting his corrupt activities in the ministry of mines to tie him over to his destruction. The greed in Boie has led to a political puzzle that not even his engineering degree could help him for an acceptable solution. If Boie comes back to SLPP, then the Koroma-led APC government will pursue him for corruption, likely convict him and eventually imprison him. If, on the other hand, Boie goes to APC, then he is definitely in for losing his political dream of becoming the president of Sierra Leone. So what is best next for you, poor Boie? Even Tom Nyuma might now be better than you, now that your greed has destroyed your soul. Will Boie indeed declare for APC on Independence Day as planned? Now as greed has confused Boie to charge SLPP with tribalism, so also is corruption tempting him to side with APC. The greed for money and commitment to corruption will for sure not only expose you all fake politicians, but will also destroy you all in our midst.

Irrespective of whichever direction Boie leans next, the would-be SLPP government will firmly commit itself to people-oriented governance by cleansing Sierra Leone of all forms of corruption. To give Boie and his APC dragnets a hint of what things would be like, even Bio (the president to-be) would have to stand before the ACC (Anti-Corruption Commission). When that happens, then the likes of Boie would be able to believe that not even Kabba would be spared, let alone Ernest Bai Koroma. We will have to born Sierra Leone again not out of hatred or willful punishment for people, but out of sending an unmistaken message that Sierra Leone must prosper and can only do so by eradicating all forms of corruption. We hastily wait that big day to put our pens and papers together to show the Koroma-led APC government how exactly a responsible ACC could work in the confines of the laws of Sierra Leone for the good of all. All we know at this point in time is that all the politicians and affluent civil servants have illegally acquired wealth from the safes of the state and they will be duly tasked by the laws of the state to return meaningful fractions of all stolen wealth to the nation and people of Sierra Leone.

Indeed Usu Boie could have felt marginalized on tribal lines because he did not succeed to exploit the weakness of the management system of the SLPP political party; a party he had been a member of until recently. In fact such management weakness is not unique to SLPP alone but pervades across all the political parties in Sierra Leone. The most fundamental weakness with all political party institutions in Sierra Leone lies in the manner the parties raise funds to fund party political activities in the country. The main mode of fundraising relies on the mandatory fee payments by all contending candidates for major party positions such as flagbearership. In this process, nobody is actually interested in doing proper background checks of the contending candidates beyond the ability to pay such fees. This is to say that the politics of Sierra Leone today is tied to wealth, and not to the ability to deliver good people-oriented governance in the country; a governance that sufficiently reckons with the people.

This was how Kabba came to the leadership role of the SLPP party, which eventually paved the way for him to the presidency of Sierra Leone. Momodu Koroma (another Mandingo or the Boie/Kabba clansman) advised Kabba to use money to buy over the SLPP party electorate and Kabba faithfully adopted his advice. As one good turn deserves another, it was in return for this successful advice that Momodu Koroma became Kabba’s most trusted right-hand man throughout his presidency. It was also through these means that this same Momodu Koroma (a then poor junior lecturer at Njala University) amassed wealth (of course through huge corruption in the public offices he held under Kabba) to contend for the post of running-mate in the SLPP party after Kabba’s tenure of office was constitutionally exhausted. Also after years of corruption in public/private offices, Ernest Bai Koroma (the current president) used his illegally amassed wealth to bulldoze his way for the flagbearership of the APC party and to eventually become the president of Sierra Leone.

Thus the question then is not about who is not corrupt in Sierra Leone, but is about who has the courage to genuinely fight corruption in the rank and file of the socio-political structures of the society? In fact in almost the entire history of Sierra Leone politics, contenders for party flagbearers (who are in reality the would-be presidents of the country) are people who had at one point or another amassed wealth via massive corruption in public/private offices. This is to say that virtually all the affluents of the Sierra Leone society today are in one way or another corrupt. Hence fighting corruption head-on in Sierra Leone could only come from outside the affluent echelon of the society and by rational overhauls of the current management structures (especially the fundraising sector) of the political parties of Sierra Leone. It is only when the political parties of Sierra Leone are financially independent of flagbearership fees would the people begin to think about thorough background checks beyond the measure of wealth. Until then, all background checks of flag bearer contenders (the probable presidents of the country) would continue to focus on wealth at the expense of the ability to deliver good people-oriented governance that adequately reckons with masses of the poor. In short, the poor of Sierra Leone would continue to be implicitly excluded from core political activities in the country.

This is the mantle of work ahead of you Bio, and under no circumstance would you afford to fail your people again. We the people of Sierra Leone can no longer allow our hopes to dash away as they did under the NPRC (National Provisional Ruling Council) regime. Hear our cries, free the nation, may Sierra Leone be free at last!

Written by Bitter-Truth

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