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APC propaganda and the "Kailahun" pictures: Use of government events for APc propaganda and electioneering

  • Written by  SLPPNA Communications and Rapid Response Team
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APC’s New Propaganda Guru? When Karamoh Kabba was recruited by APC in the 2007 run-off election, after having been a staunch leader of the PMDC Communications Rapid Response Team, the first thing he did was to allegedly show his mettle of commonality with the APC caboodle. He allegedly staged an accident in which the Le 50,000,000 he was carrying on official APC business automatically disappeared ‘yengh’! (without a trace). Generally the conclusion was that, it was the validation of Karamoh Kabba’s initiation rite into the APC party to make them know that he has the same APC mettle even though he was coming newly from the PMDC.

Karamoh Kabba was publicly denounced and vilified for this incident and the general public was deceived into believing that he was now a villain who cannot be trusted. What was not understood by the public is whether there were some complicity, associations and private involvement in the incident, and especially in the disappearance of that money. Any intelligent person would make certain conclusions about the accident and ask the following questions:

  1. Why was Karamoh Kabba never fully investigated to find out what happened to the money and be held accountable?
  2. Why didn’t the APC Big Whigs demand a refund of the money since it happened under his control and responsibility?
  3. Why didn’t the APC isolate or even maroon Karamoh Kabba because of the suspicion that there was something fishy about the accident in which he himself was not seriously hurt and yet the money disappeared?
  4. How is it that Karamoh Kabba has once again been brought back into the APC mainstream and has even been promoted to a more prominent position?
  5. Were there other people involved in the disappearance of the money and was it shared by those other people?

Karamoh Kabba had laid low since that “accident” and was probably working hard behind the scene to restore his association with the APC at large and to mute out the public outrage against him. All of a sudden, all the public got from the loss of their money was the promotion of Karamoh Kabba into the directorship…the general public has, once again, been ripped off by the APC cabal.

Then the past few months has seen Karamoh Kabba, a once prolific writer and the reason for which he was recruited by the APC, again start to slowly restore his image as a noise maker for APC. Recently, he has started writing on blogs in support of the APC government especially now that even President Koroma is involved with “scattering money” all over the country in his attempt at buying votes for the oncoming election. And because of President Koroma’s vote-buying public spending, Karamoh Kabba does not see his previous money disappearing incident to be villainous any more since his Boss is doing even worse. 

Karamoh Kabba is once again trying to step out of the shell of suspicion and disrepute by becoming a bold and public APC noise maker. Last week, he got busy trying to promote the President’s visit to Kailahun as a popular phenomenon for President Koroma. He published a few pictures around the blogs to show moments of the visit and tried to embellish the alleged popularity of the President in Kailahun with those few pictures.

Use of Government Events For APC Propaganda And Electioneering: There are many major towns in Kailahuan District and each town would love to have its name highlighted for events that happen in their domains. There is Pendembu, Segbwema, Daru, Koindu, Buedu etc. Most of the events in the pictures happened in other towns and chiefdoms outside Kailahun and Luawa, like Segbwema, yet, the APC propagandists chose to use the name “Kailahun” to even a big city like Segbwema. This is clearly an insidious way of trying to deceive people into believing that the APC and President Koroma have now become very popular in the whole of “Kailahun” District…that’s deceitful propaganda.

But what is more deceitful by the APC government and its propagandists is that they are using regular government events for pictorial propaganda purposes. Every time official government public functions and services have to be dedicated for the public, the APC President and government officials gather around the event and try to politicize it to be an APC sponsored event. Then they try to make political hay out of it in trying to make the people believe it is an all APC facility being provided…this is pure dishonesty and hypocrisy. 

What is not being explained is that most of the pictures were not taken from events in Kailahun alone. Apparently the pictures were taken at an agricultural event dedication in the Segbwema area, yet Kailahun’s name was splattered all over the blogs by the APC propaganda hypocrites. Of course, technically the propagandists like to use the word “Kailahun” to refer to anything that happens in Kailahun District. Yet it is publicly known that with Kailahun City being the seat of District government, it is what happens inside Kailahun City that should actually be associated with “Kailahun”, otherwise they should either name the towns of the events, or add the word “District” to Kailahun’s name.

The pictures clearly showed a public that was much more curious for having and seeing a powerful dignitary like the President coming to town, than for jubilating for APC’s popularity. There were no spectacular pictures showing particular festive and celebrative moments that would represent a welcoming event for APC's popularity. And yet APC propagandists are all over the blogs promoting these pictures as a symbol of APC and President Koroma’s surge of popularity in Kailahun.

Of course, the people of Kailahun are very courteous and respectful of authority, so they will give any dignitary the respect they are due especially the President, regardless of the political differences. And as can be seen in the pictures, there was no sea of RED in the public to indicate a large number of APC supporters and representatives even inside the gathering hall. In fact, we only counted about 5 in number.

The President’s visit was simply another unimpressive showing that was being magnified and embellished by Karamoh Kabba. And by the way, those pictures were about the President’s visit to 4 of the most remote chiefdoms in the Kailahun District with some of the least populous chiefdoms in the entire district. 

So these are actually a general array of pictures taken from visits in chiefdoms other than Luawa Chiedom where Kailahun city is located. In any case, the shallowness of these pictures clearly show a situation similar to the orchestrated but disappointing BIG TOM NYUMA ENTRY INTO KAILAHUN, that was so disappointing that even Tom Nyuma did not care to speak during the assembly in the famous and legendary Kailahun Court Barrie.

All we can advise President Koroma and the APC is that the people of Kailahun are fiercely independent and highly protective of their civil rights. They know that they have the power to exercise those rights without coercion and imposition. Hence with the President “scattering money” all over the country, please be warned of the saying by the people of Kailahun that “IN KAILAHUN, WE GO CHOP YU MONI EN VOTE FOR WUDAT WE WANT”.

All in all, it’s clear that Karamoh Kabba has now been emboldened by the activities of all the other APC Big Whigs including those who have taken their portion of public money in one form or another and are busy building enormous mansions all around the country as well as buying them overseas. The people have yet to see what had become of the Le 50,000,000 that got lost under his tutelage and safe keeping. Sooner or later, he might also get bold enough to be the beneficiary of a large mansion as he continues in the footsteps of his fellow APC Big Whigs.

In the end, birds of the same crooked feather will definitely stick together especially when such birds are led by the biggest bird of them all, the President, the “Money Sower”, like the story of the farmer in the Bible who sowed his seeds along the way that ended up germinating variously.


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