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Flashback: The New People Meet The Leaders - Usman Boie Kamara “Handling APC Violence, I Have What It Takes”

  • Written by  Conducted by Sitta Turay, Transcribed by Sheku Kallon
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CEO's Comments: Some of you may have been wondering what we meant by the promo article last week that Usman Boie Shied Away from the New People Interview so let me take this opportunity to explain what happened.  The interview was initially setup to take place on Sunday, August 15th. I was already on the skype line with the editor Sittta Turay when I connected Usman Boie Kamara. I stated at the beginning of the call that Sitta Turay was on the line but due to some technical glitch, Usman Boie Kamara did not hear that statement. Mr. Kamara was not aware that Sitta Turay would be on the line because he and I had not connected during the day to lay the ground rules for the interview.

Due to this misunderstanding and also because Mr Boie kamara could not immediately place Sitta Turay as the editor that was stabbed by the APC photographer, naturally Sitta Turay was upset as he was stabbed by an APC operative because he was writing for the New People Online in Sierra Leone. After a few terse exchanges, Mr. Boie Kamara decided to postpone the interview for another day as he did not want to start the interview on the wrong footing with the editor. After a few days and intervention by the Western Area Chairman Lansana Fadika the interview took place last Tuesday. Below is the interview:


Print Screen of Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara on a live phione interview via Webex with the CEO Sheku Kallon Jnr

This interview was conducted by Umaru Sitta Turay and Sheku Kallon Jnr,USA

The New People (TNP): Mr., Osman Boie- Kamara, what is the reason for you to choose the SLPP to contest for the Presidency of Sierra Leone?

Osman Boie- Kamara (OBK): Well, I am convinced from my experience in Sierra Leone that it is the SLPP that has the right policies and structure for bringing development and progressive change to Sierra Leone. The SLPP is also a party that has tried to make it a policy to rule the nation with a national outlook that takes advantage of the country’s diversity from North, South East and West.  By that I mean the SLPP is not a sectionalized party like this current APC government which has over 90 percent of it’s cabinet from the North. The SLPP does not govern and appoint people by nepotism  and the party has  policies that are aimed at national development.

TNP: What do you think gives you an edge over other contestants in the SLPP for the “Flag Bearer”

OBK: Apart from being a servant in the Public Service for quite some time now, the SLPP needs a person that will make them regain their votes in the Western area and the North. Amongst all those capable colleagues that have shown up to contest for the position, none will be able to do that like I do. Because of my background and affiliations in the western area, I believe, I am in the best position to regain grounds lost and make in-roads into the APC’s stronghold.  I will deliver at least eleven seats out of the twenty-one seats in the western area. I am able, and in a very fiercely adopted nonviolent pattern that will totally get the APC into a no active violence. I have the strategy that is very nonviolent but will totally disable the violent strategy of the APC. I am preview to their plans and will make use of that experience to break that violence and when once that is done the APC will obviously lose their strength. I am also a Northern person that is very much liked by his people. There are Northerners that are ready to support me when I win the “flag bearer” contest.

TNP: You have been accused of being a candidate that is being supported by former president Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, how true is that?

OBK: Hmmmm Former President Tejan Kabbah has served his term in Sierra Leone and as leader of the SLPP. He is done with that I think and I am not the kind of person that people will hold to show the way to the SLPP… I am absolutely not. My detractors will always want to look for something they will spill over me that will reduce my chance of winning. I have never spoken to Tejan Kabbah on this issue and I will not talk to him about it until the elections are taken place next year (2011). I have been myself for the whole of my life.  I have never permitted some other persons to spill their influence on me. It is not now I am on the verge to become the President of Sierra Leone that I will allow people to influence that…..NO!!!!!!! I am my own man.

TNP: Why do you think you are the right person to contest against the APC?

OBK: I have told you before; I have the techniques that the APC is relying on to win the 2012 elections and I have made inroads with the youth of the Western Area. The APC themselves will tell you that I am the most fierce person in the SLPP right now that will compete against President Ernest Bai Koroma. APC will not want me to contest against Ernest Bai Koroma because they know I will beat him hands down. The youth in the Western area that are being misused  have great respect for me and will very much give their support to me when I am elected  the “flag bearer” of the party. These young men and women are the ones that give the energy to any candidate in winning the Western area. I assure you those young and decent young men are more than ready to stand by me when I am elected. I will change the SLPP 30% in the western area to sounding 60% at least.

Addressinjg The Crowd in Atlanta,Georgia Flanked by Dr.Smith Georgia              The High table During the SLPP Georgia Chapter Meet The Candidate Tour

Chapter and Chairman Western Area Lansana Fadika


TNP: How will you assess the Ernest Bai Koroma government?

OBK: Sierra Leone is at the crossroads. I say so because all we are seeing being done by this particular government is the ills of society that took us to war.  We are experiencing the reemergence of tribalism, sectionalism, thuggery, injustice, police brutalization, marginalization, rape and most of all rise of corruption since 2007. The SLPP and I will be here to stop that immediately the first day I am elected to the office of President. Every Sierra Leonean knows that the SLPP’s nature is to include every citizen in the governance of the country. I am not going to differ from that, in fact that is my nature and the more reason I am an SLPP candidate for the “flag bearer”. If you ask my view about the present APC government, please know that our country has been dragged backward for an added twenty years after the war had placed us fifty years backward. We are bound to change this and I am very much sure that I am the person that will effect that change. I am better prepared to bring Sierra Leone to its past glory with vibrant assistance of the SLPP resource. The SLPP have the largest resource base in the county as compared to any party; I will make proper use of that resource base and most especially the women.

TNP: How do you think the delegates will vote come 2011?

OBK: I am very confident the SLPP delegates will place their ballots for me and I am confident I will win landslide.

TNP: If you lose?

OBK: I remain to be one of the strongest members of the party. Nothing will make me waiver till I die. I am SLPP now and until the day I meet my God. There is nothing I have seen in other parties that will attract me to join them. The SLPP have manifested the willingness and machinery that will develop my country and I am very much passionate about that.

One Country, One People.

TNP: Thank you Mr. Osman Boie-Kamara

In a response to a question from the CEO Sheku Kallon about what he thought was the reason for the seemingly incompetence of the Ernest Koroma led APC government in the handling of the economy as inflation is at an all-time high while the government has squandered away Le 500 billion of reserves that the Sierra Leone People’s Party left behind, Mr Boie-Kamara attributed that to the fact that the APC was ill prepared to assume the role of governance in the country and that most of the people serving in the current government were out for their own selfish purposes instead of nation building. Mr Kamara indicated that the APC government was lacking in the two most important ingredients necessary for development of any nation and those were “HONESTY and HUMAN RESOURCES.”

Firing another round of questioning, Sheku Kallon asked Mr Boie-Kamara to comment on the apparent lack of respect for the women of Sierra Leone by supporters of the APC government led by his “thug in chief” Idrissa Leatherboot Kamara as evidenced by the violent attacks on the headquarters of the Sierra Leone People’s party during which the women of the SLPP were sexually assaulted and beaten SEE VIDEO HERE, Mr Kamara indicated that leadership starts at the top and it is rather unfortunate that President Ernest Koroma seemed to be paying lip service to the crisis as he continued to parade the country with Idrissa Leatherboot Kamara even though he was seen at the party headquarters. “If the leadership does not respect our Sierra Leonean women, then the supporters and followers obviously will not”, said Mr. Boie-Kamara.

The CEO Sheku Kallon also asked about transparency and accountability by pressing Mr. Usman Boie-Kamara about the net worth of his assets and how he acquired his wealth in Sierra Leone. Although Mr. Boie-Kamara did not indicate an exact amount of his net worth, he did state that he has already declared his assets in Sierra Leone and that he has worked for over 30 years and some of those years outside of Sierra Leone. Mr. Boie-Kamara indicated that he was a self-made man who had invested in some of the nation’s agriculture such as Cacao and that he owned petroleum stations and several other businesses in the country. Mr. Boie-Kamara stated that he has made money from most of those businesses and although he has lost money in some business ventures, he thanks the almighty Allah who has blessed him in other ventures while he has also been judicious in his financial affairs.

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