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Introducing the "Sengu Koroma" family to Sierra Leoneans

  • Written by  Grace Sam
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For once Samuel Valcarcel of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation has done extremely well by interviewing Major Ishmeal Sengu Koroma, one of the defeated contestants for the flag bearer of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP). Before that interview in the evening on Wednesday, I saw a newspaper in the morning about this same man. The report stated that the major has crossed-carpeted over to the All Peoples Congress Party of President Ernest Bai Koroma. During the day, I didn’t have time to actually read that article and therefore when the SLBC television afforded me the opportunity of listening to the man himself over the programme Elections Watch, I sat and listened to him with patient ears.


As I continued to listen to the said US Army Major, the first thing that came to my mind was that the SLPP is a blessed party. Blessed because this man that is now criticizing the policies of the SLPP was the very man that   caustically spoke against the APC in the Nineteen Days of SLPP programme, an interview that was conducted by a Joseph Kapuwa . As I continued to listen to this Ishmeal Sengu Koroma, I came to the conclusion that he was just one of the viruses in the software of the SLPP. It is left with the people to imagine what would have become of the SLPP if such man was allowed to become the flag bearer of that party.

Prior to this time, I have managed to gather very comprehensive information about this so called United State Major. In the first place, most people were never impressed with his interview that was done during the Nineteen Days of the SLPP. The fact that he remarked that he will fight the Guineans for Yenga explained how naïve he is. It tells that he lacks the maturity for leadership at such level he was ignorant aspiring to get to. The rest of his interview was garbage, to say the least.

When Mohamed Bangura returned from his controversial and dishonorable United Nations trip where he had to be sneaked into the United Nations General Assembly Building under false identity, he came back with news for Sierra Leoneans, and that was Major Ishmeal Sengu Koroma was at the verge of joining the APC. One night we actually listened to his voice (Ishmeal Sengu Koroma) over that notorious monologue programme of David Tamba Bayoh.( courtesy of VOH, 96.2 FM).

Those who had the chance of listening to this Major Ishmeal Koroma were able to realized that this man in over bogus. He is over ambitious. He told listeners that he is highly educated. Highly educated in what and at what level when he has no idea about concord- verb subject agreement when speaking? When has this man become so or highly educated? What makes him an educated man in the first place? Over to you Mr. US major!For all that we know, we are aware of the fact that this Ishmeal Koroma as he was known in the Government Secondary School those days attempted the GCE “O” Levels several times but never got the requirements to go to university here. Is that not interesting and disgraceful to reveal here. I challenge him to publically publish his own GCE “O” Level result for public consumption. This fact can be crossed checked with the Government Secondary School Kenema and the West Africa Examination Council here in Freetown.

In his frustration at failing to enter university here, his only option was to travel to America as some other opportune families   members did. But even with that, there was the problem of how to get documents that would help facilitate his studies in the United States where he was so desirous to go. He was in fact going to die had he not had the opportunity of travelling to the US. This was made serious because being a bogus and high sounding nothingness man, he has reported gone around  Kenema  town faking the girls of the Holy Rosary Secondary School (in Kenema) that he was proceeding to United States for further studies. Thus to help him move, our sources reliably informed us that he had to take the documents (“O” and “A” Level results) of his elder brother Sengu Koroma who was at that time reading Law at the Fourah Bay College or at the verge of completing it. For the attention of readers, that his how this “highly educated man” now went to the United States  - with the documents of his elder brother.  There is no doubt that upon entry, Sengu Koroma’s original documents must have long been returned to him.

We are therefore calling on the public and the United States Government to look into this matter because once it is established beyond every reasonable doubt, it will be a serious crime committed by both Sengu, who must have authorized Ishmeal to take his document and use it in America. This is now the person that is coming back and parading that he want to be flag bearer of a whole national political party and eventually become President and Head of State. This would have been a tragedy for this nation and therefore it would not have been allowed.

This information can be verified from the Government Secondary School Kenema where Ishmeal was only known as Ishmeal Koroma and not Ismeal Sengu Koroma. But when eventually he laid hands on the document of Sengu Koroma and was using it in the US, he added Sengu to his name to pretend that those results he was using there were actually his. There is no doubt about the fact that over the years in the US Ishmeal must have worked on those documents to add Ishmeal to Sengu Koroma thereby having his name of the document he was carrying.  I challenge all of us to have time and investigate this bogus Major of the US Army. Once that is done, people will see their deceitful nature as a family.Coming to his said reasons for joining the APC, he mentioned that he agreed with the policies of President Koroma. What sort of policies were this confused man talking about? Those policies that saw South-Easterners removed from their jobs because they were not APC? Those policies that have ensure unremitting hardship and suffering for the common people of this nation? Does this fake Major know what was the cost of rice per bag when this APC government came into power and what is that cost today? Where is the growth that the so called IMF report is talking about when the people cannot even get something to eat? Is it the policy of violating human rights and protecting his party members when the commitment violence against opposition party? I continue to wonder about what were those policies that Ishmeal Koroma was talking about. At least the man that interviewed him try to guide him so that he was not going to appear too foolish but been intoxicated with what he has been promised, he could neither read the lips nor the body language of Samuel. Oh.. what a tragedy for  man!

Ishmael  Sengu Koroma merely got a disgraceful single vote in the last SLPP leadership contest. The reason was simple. He deserves no following. He does not command any respect. He is a new comer and nobody knows him in the SLPP. Even his height (dwarf) speaks volumes. He talks too much and wants recognition wherever he is. Can anyone imagine that the first time I was this man he was asking people whether they know him and was telling them that he is going to contest for the flag bearer of the SLPP? I could not stop wondering who that dwarf actually thought he was to imagine becoming the flag bearer for the SLPP. When eventually he was castrated by a single vote, it was enough for this man to have just returned to the US and continue is slavish job rather that behaving like any Abiku.

We wish to inform the entire Sengu Koroma family that the actions of this bogus Sengu Koroma have not only dented their collective image but will continue to hunt them for the rest of their lives. They are known to be utterly deceitful and can do anything for money. For all that we have come to understand, Sengu is in tacit agreement with what Ishmael Koroma has done as Sengu himself has been observed to be playing his political cards cleverly. He is neither SLPP nor APC   but is getting closer to the APC guys that are reported to be running NASSIT. The reason for his closeness to them is nothing but the security of his job and the opportunity to be travelling overseas even when he clearly has no business to be there. At NASSIT Sengu Koroma is known as one of the most unreliable workers and he seeks no other person’s interest. Therefore let the Sengu Koroma family know and prepared that their actions are going to hunt them and their children no matter how long it might takes.

I will conclude on the appeal that a ferocious investigation be mounted into the issue of Sengu Koroma  allegedly given his documents to Sengu Koroma to be used in the United States. Such investigation can start at the Kay School   in Kenema where Ishmael attended and to WAEC where all those records should be. Should this matter be established, Sengu Koroma should have his so called cowardly law degree taken away from him for the rest of his life and stop from working anywhere.  His criminal brother Ishmael should  be made to pay  back to the US government every  penny he must have received whilst using that false document to work here. It is a challenge to this particular Koroma family and the therefore they now have the moral obligation of proving this right or wrong.

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