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The Gathering Storm

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FREETOWN: DR SAMA BANYA: In a very recent edition of the Global Times newspaper, its Managing Editor Sorie Fofana wrote briefly about Britain’s war time leader, Winston Churchill. This was the man whose voice and exhortations inspired Great Britain to stand up to Nazi Germany’s Blizkert on the British Isles . That was after all of Europe had fallen to Germany during the Second World War and long before the United States joined in. There were memorable statements like “Never in the history of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few.” and “We shall fight on land; we shall fight in the air; we shall fight at sea; we shall fight on the beaches, but we shall never surrender.”  Talk about the oft allegations of some Sierra Leone journalists about political turncoats and prostitutes, Churchill went through it all including a period in the political wilderness until he eventually became Prime Minister of Britain after Neville Chamberlain had sold out to Hitler in Munich and been forced out of office. In the 1930s, he foresaw the awful intentions of German rearmament and constantly struck a note of warning; but did anyone listen?

Quite a number of writers, mainly from the opposition SLPP have continued to recount the number of violent action s of the ruling APC perpetuated at every opportunity, but more especially at elections, be they Parliamentary or local council. The latest such utterly ugly incident was last Saturday after the SLPP wrenched the Tongo ward seat from them in a bye-election. As is their ingrained habit, they had imported migrant voters from Kono, using Ministry of health labeled vehicles.

(Poor Daudis Koroma was hosting Ernest in Yoni) They unleashed terrible violence on the people, burning up to five houses with one person reported dead. I have said several times and I shall repeat it again, the APC will never give up violence. Without it there is no way they can win a free, fair and transparent election. In 2007, the campaign for regime change notwithstanding, the computer doctoring of the election results notwithstanding, (thanks to Victor Angelo’s specially recruited team from Liberia) the SLPP would never have lost the Presidential runoff if Christiana Thorpe had not fiddled with matters in her infamous “Kailahun court barry invalidation of results." 

I hope that the series of incidents since the signing of the much talked-about “Treaty of State House,” culminating in the weekend Tongo violence has sounded alarm bells in the ears of Michael Schulenburg that the agreement was not worth the paper on which it was signed. Just as names like Leather boot and yeti-yeti have featured in past acts of violence, so has the name Adamu featured in the Tongo incident. The military and the police are reported to have quelled the situation. Poor police, I can bet my last Leone that if they made any arrests, it would be supporters of the SLPP OR ELSE!!! Talk about peaceful elections in 2012, just forget it. In Philadelphia USA , the local APC chapter have beeen discussing effective plans that should be used, “including the army and the police are on our side.” These are supposed to be people who have been exposed to the light!! Contrary to the views of many, I personally like Alpha Kanu, the mineral resources minister as a person. But he had expressed dismay and disappointment when I warned his side that if the attacks on our people did not cease, there WOULD, NOT MIGHT come a time when we would not restrain our supporters. He did not think such a statement should come from one in my position, but what has he and his colleagues done to restrain their men? Are recent events not taking us closer to that? The storms are indeed gathering for 2012 and any blood that flows would be in the hands of the APC because of their intransigence 

Postscript: After Tongo, do the APC still think they have made inroads in SLPP eastern territory? 


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