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Ariogbo at State House

Ahyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy munongh tonoghn….Ariogbo just came back from Sherra Leone. Ariogbo was contracted by Prezo Koroms to go after the witches at the presidential lodge and state house. However, Ariogbo did not see any withces…Ariogbo just found out that Prezo Koroms does not have what it takes to lead Sherra Leone. Make ee lef for lie pan witch man dem. Prezo Koroms for luk under ihn foot. Na ihm broda en sista dem na dee anyampi dem na dar country dae. However, since Ariogbo has to make money, ar lie pan dem soba wan say na witch man don sidom pan Prezo Koroms ihn brain Hahahahahahahahahahaha…den boy ya go kill person with laugh.

Prezo Koroms, Sam Sumana, Philip Neville wan tiff radio name?

Ariogbo is seeing some troubling signs in the mirror. I see Prezo Koroms, Sam-Sumana and Philip Neville planning to steal the name of a radio station that has been in existence since 2006. Ariogbo is inpossession of documents and even taped meetings between Sam Sumana and Philip Neville planning to steal the name of a radio staation. Sam Sumana doess not seem to be very quick because he sshould have known that Neville is blackmailer par excellence so the tape is ot there Sam Sumanaa. (Read More)

ARIOGBO - SMELL NOR Tays Arabella? Palor Brags? 34 New PRADO for Ministers - APC austerity in Gear. Mayor Returns Loot? Bockarie Stevens Afraid to Invite SLPP Leadership? ADC Dies of mystery illness?


IGBA-ILE: ARIOGBO- Ariogbo has not heard about lady Smell-Nor-Tays Arabella Foray. This lady is the quintessential Monkey woke Babu eat. She raised funds for two years to ensure President Ernest Koroma gets elected, was flattered with the title "first lady" for two years at rallies and fundraisers in the US and UK, only for the legitimate first lady to wake up from hibernation in London to reclaim her place. It is better to hold the ring after all. Well Smell-Nor-Tays Foray, you can have the man na corner-corner still, but the ring holder basks in the glory. Ariogbo suggests that you get your own ring and your own man. Ring and man go together or you will forever be a corner chap-chap.

My divination beads have told me that Major (Rtd) Palor Conteh has bragged to a confidential source of his that President Koroma's presidency depends on a few strong people. He named them and counted himself as key kingpin and king maker. He therefore said that he knows for a fact that no matter what the "stupid" press has to say, the president will never be brave enough to sack him. Well, perhaps the president will tell us how he squares off his declaration of zero tolerance with the evident ethical challenges we see in Palor Conteh's everyday conduct. At least he is consistent in causing one scandal after another scandal involving sex, lies, and extortion of women.

A whopping Le54billion is the price tag. 34 new, fully air-conditioned and fully-loaded PRADO vehicles will land on the shores of Sierra Leone soon. They are all black and they will be designated "ministerial and official vehicles" of the government of Sierra Leone. Perhaps the international community has an eye on our president's own austerity measure and on how he uses the country's resources. What is the latest about Ahmed Sesay's cars that top APC functionaries used?. Since the cocaine investigations, his vehicles have seemingly disappeared. Is the APC trying to dissociate itself from a man who poured his resources and finances into ensuring an APC victory?

APC Mayor Mr. Williams has finally returned some of the SLPP party property his thugs stole from the SLPP office. Readers can recall that among items stolen during the raid on the SLPP party office that was allegedly organized by the mayor and his thugs, were plastic chairs and computers. It has been revealed to Ariogbo that some sooth sayer told Mayor Williams he needs to return the stolen items. So mayor Williams did a massive “Dry Yai Corba Shame” and donated the same stolen items his thugs took from the opposition party office. Ariogbo has invoked the spirits of the ancestors to prevail on the conscience of the mayor to confess about his involvement in the cocaine saga if indeed he is not the cocaine mayor provocateurs claim he is.

My divination beads tell me that the APC party structure is peeing in the pants because they do not know how to handle the new, vibrant and no nonsense chairman of SLPP North America, Augustine Boss Fallay. My crystal ball showed Ambassador Bockarie Stevens peeing in his pants when someone asked him to invite the SLPPNA Chairman to a reception to be held for President Ernest Koroma. Instead, Bockarie Stevens preferred to ask non-executive members of SLPP to represent the party at the reception. Bockarie Stevens said he was worried the eloquent and articulate Augustine “Boss” Fallay would outshine President Koroma. Ariogbo is flabbergasted that an Ambassador could be distrustful of the President’s ability to perform intelligently in public speaking. Ariogbo is really sad and feels sorry for President Ernest Koroma.

The Aide-de-camp to President Ernest Bai Koroma has succumbed to a long debilitating illness. Ariogbo sends sympathy to the family. Ariogbo is simply shocked that President Ernest Koroma could not provide the resources to take this young man to even Ghana for medical check-up.


ARIOGBO SPEAKS from the Igba-Ileh - SLPPNA Chair's interview, J. B. Dauda - from Ekutay (Binkolo to Nongowa)?, Abdul Tejan-Cole - wach Serry "Wanza" Ojukokoro' Kamal, When Sycophants are fat-ugly-and idiotic - Wach Olu, Aratabelleh Awards for Smell nor tase.


IGBA-ILEH-Ariogbo is still recovering from the shock of seeing almost 13% of our wives, mothers and sisters die in during child birth in Sierra Leone and this is just one year after we hoped that we were changing the past government for a better one. Ariogbo is disappointed. I wasted my votes. This is the first time my divination beads have been proved wrong. Anyone who loves Sierra Leone would be shocked, yet, I hear the sweet talkers of this government telling us everything is great…GREAT MY SEBEH…OMOLA-IGBEDEY! Talking about things being great, it seems this government will tell you the sun is shining when there is down pour. APC-North America is in disarray but they still say things are great. Ahyyyyyyyyyy wan cheiy, things are not great especially when one of the pivotal leaders of APC North America is an illegal immigrant in the USA…. My beads tell me APC North America has resolved to go after the SLPPNA Chairman with lies. Ariogbo wants to warn APC-NA that the SLPP-NA folks are younger and more astute professionals. In fact Ariogbo sees these SLPPNA youngsters itching for this type of battle, they are waiting for APC-NA to draw first blood and they promise there will be casualties which will include having one of the top guys in APCNA deported. Ariogbo would advice APCNA to stay with the issues. Lonta do thaseh pohng.

Ariogbo is also saddened with what is showing up in my mirror. I see that there are still very stubborn reactionaries in SLPP trying to vie for positions of leadership. Ariogbo wants to borrow a word from my cousin Kpeteima Seyia to warn those folks…KUMAFEH (becareful). Ariogbo has seen the draft constitution of the SLPP and it is clear J.B. Dauda who wants to run for the chairmanship has put in some clauses to prevent SLPP members in the diaspora from vying for higher offices of the land…KUMAFEH…. The diaspora people are not happy Mr. J.B. Dauda. The poison pill clause must be taken out immediately. You cannot depend on the diaspora for funds and then prevent them from holding offices…how dumb can you get. Ariogbo is also seeing J.B. Dauda telling Mr M. A. Sandy another aspirant that if he wins the chairmanship, he would violate the constitution to run for the presidency since the present draft prohibits that. SLPP should avoid this lawyer like a plague. The day before yesterday this lawyer claimed to be from Binkolo and even built a house there, yesterday, he was Kissi and today he is from Kenema. Ay bo you nor go blow. Ariogbo does not like this watermelon politician and SLPP must reject him if they are to prosper…TO SLPP KUMAFEH WHO YOU ELECT AS CHAIRMAN.

Wa -yoooo, Kriffi mamutong…save Abdul Tejan-Cole. I see someone in the mirror sending a message to this young man that if he exposes the thievery of the Reds, his life and his family’s life would be in danger. I see Ojukokoro Wanza Kamal pressuring Tejan-cole to resign for exposing the Income Electrix deal. Funny though, Tejan-Cole has told Ojukokoro Kamal to put it in writing…well na dae now… dee borbor don ole de big man big fool bad sai…da bag oosai dee two banga dae. My divination beads tell me Tejan- Cole will not renew his contract because it is impossible to work with a bunch of crooks. Aye O’langba, na dee change dis? Ariogbo does not fault Tejan-Cole at all; after all, he does not want to end up roasted like Abdul Mustapha.

Ariogbo cannot help but laugh out loud when I saw what is going on in my mirror. Hehehehehehehe, is it Olu Gordon trying to pick a fight with New People? Ariogbo wants to advice Olu Gordon to stay in his corner because it will not be pretty my man. Den man ya wam too mus and I would not like to see Olu’s ego shredded. Ariogbo wants Olu Gordon to ask big fat and idiotic Kabs-Kanu what he got after going after New People for one year. Ariogbo knows the guys of New People do not start fights but they can sustain one if they are needlessly insulted. Boys you get for go slow because there is no way you can take on New People and win. Ariogbo does not want to see you decimated.

Ariogbo has decided to give awards at the end of the year. I will prepare a list of categories. All nominations should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . One of the categories is Titi Jog Man of the year…did I hear someone nominating Aratabelleh Foray? Nominations are also invited for the most obese sycophant of the year award. Ahem nor forget da big fat idiotic reverend na New Jersey oh. Watch out for the ARIOGBO AWARDS AND SEND IN YOUR NOMINATIONS.

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