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If the people of this country want a party and government that is open and straight forward, acts in a civilized way and plays by the rules, then they are well advised to vote this APC government out. President Ernest Bai Koroma’s address at the commissioning of the SLPP conceived and built Kenema shopping plaza was excellent in prose.

Random Musings-"My thoughts alone" (with acknowledgment)

Published in Puawui

Folks, I am pleased that I do not generally wear a headgear except at an SLPP rally when I carry my green and white “Palm Tree” cap, or during my early morning one hour walk or when marching for the Bo School or the Prince Of Wales school. It has been quite some time since I wore my straw hat with the green ribbon and Lion round it. If I was wearing a head gear last Monday morning, it would have split spontaneously because I could feel my grey-haired skull (Puawui) swelling with pride and delight.

The APC is caught in a web of its own making

Published in Puawui

The ruling “new” All Peoples Congress party APC like its predecessor has always boasted of 99 ways in which they would win elections. Like I have stated over and over again, violence has always been an integral part of that practice and worked  to their advantage in the past. It even succeeded in the local government bye election in the Soro Gbeima chiefdom of Pujehun district.

A colleague asked me last week whether I now trusted Christiana Thorpe the chairman of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to conduct transparent, free, fair and credible elections next November. Recently I announced that I had made up my mind to be at peace with the chairman of the NEC, Christiana Thorpe. In the announcement I expressed the hope that she would conduct the elections in a transparent manner and more importantly I warned her NOT TO ROB US OF THE RESULTS AS SHE DID IN 2007. And I meant, the ink had hardly dried from that article when in collusion with the APC leadership she dropped the bombshell on nomination fees for the November Presidential, Parliamentary and local government elections.

"Greater love hath no man than this..."

Published in Puawui

International politics or international relations were quite interesting before and during my student days in Britain. British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden had earlier succeeded Winston Churchill as leader of the conservative party and Prime Minister. In the mid fifties the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdul Nasser requested the west and the World Bank for funds with which he intended to build the Aswan dam across the river Nile which runs through the length of Egypt. The request was turned down on the grounds that the project would cost too much and that it was uneconomic.

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