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  • Written by  NP Western Area Correspondent
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There is serious build up of tensions among youths of SLPP and APC thugs in Ward 369 (Fourah Bay, Dan St, Kennedy Street) in Constituency 104 where a Local Council Bye-elections is in progress. There have been clashes since this Mid-day. In one instance, a new APC convert Lansana Fadika wanting to show his relevance went to the scene with thugs. He and Nuri Deen MP Constituency 105 had the audacity to enter the residence of Aziz Carew, SLPP Chairman, Constituency 104 at 9 Canton Street. In the absence of Aziz Carew, anti-APC youths wasted no time to deal with him. He sustained a serious leg injury and at least two of his henchmen severely beaten.

There are reports that APC thugs from Mabela are preparing to re-launch an attack on Aziz and burn down his residence.

Meanwhile, there are reports of APC thugs masquerading around the Savage Square and Mandela areas preparing for an onslaught. SLPP youths are holding their bases waiting to repel any attack.

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