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Corruption-mad APC identifies China as another lucrative fishpond

  • Written by  Bitter - Truth
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It was the 51st Independence Day and that was about the fourth time such day has been celebrated under the Koroma-led APC (All People’s Congress) government. It is needless for us to talk about the extreme hardship that has been endured by the citizenry of Sierra Leone under the APC government over the nearly five solid years of unspeakable misrule. What is, however, clear at this point in time is how the leadership clique of the APC government has, in collaboration with rouge foreigners, systematically embarked on focused plundering of our national wealth and banking systems to cast upon us the people a hardship of a colossal magnitude.

It is this miserable hardship that has persistently kept Sierra Leoneans at home and in the Diaspora wondering aloud about the exact rationale behind the celebrations of our Independence Day. Despite the unmistakable frustrations of the people, it was during the 51st celebrations of our Golden Day that the newly appointed Ambassador of Sierra Leone to China, Mr. Abu Bakarr Multi-Kamara, towed the line of flattering praise-singing of the Koroma-led APC government.China is a fantastic country, where astronomical socio-economic developments have outpaced every other country in the world.

This implies that material and fiscal wealth today abounds in China, a human element that the APC leadership clique is determined to pursue under every circumstance, even if it meant sacrificing its own human/moral values. All indications are that the Koroma-led APC government is coming to its five-year term of office, but more importantly is the way the government has handled relations with China. The APC government, under the leadership of Ernest Bai Koroma, has had three Ambassadors and one Deputy Ambassador of Sierra Leone to China in the space of just four years. One would then wonder why President Koroma has to change his own appointed Ambassadors to China every year. The primary reasons lie in the fact that the APC leadership and government are not only notoriously corrupt, but have also spotted China as a lucrative fishpond for launching satisfactorily rewarding overseas fishing games.The first that came was Ambassador Abdul Karim Koroma (AKK), followed by his Deputy Idrissa Mohamed Funna. Next, Ambassador Joseph Mono Koroma followed in replacement to Ambassador A. K. Koroma.

Then Ambassadors A. K. Koroma and J. M. Koroma were recalled along with Deputy Ambassador I. M. Funna for major diplomatic frauds ranging from extreme sexual harassments to massive financial extortions (see previous publications by Bitter Truth). The latest replacement that has come is also another President Koroma-appointed Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Abu Bakarr Multi-Kamara. Reading the names of the above appointed diplomats by the head of this tribalistic and corrupt Koroma-led APC government, it instantly speaks about a new northern alliance. This shows beyond every reasonable doubt that President Koroma is indeed another die-hard tribalistic dogma. This is strongly evident in every business of governance under President Koroma’s leadership. In fact as Koroma himself came to the throne of presidency by crook, there is absolutely nothing he has done that is based on merit.

In just under five years, Koroma has filthily enriched himself to become the third richest president in Africa. This is how President Koroma has systematically mortgaged Sierra Leone and her natural resources to his clique of rouge foreigners for the benefit of his northern-dominated government. In the midst of all these disillusionments, President Koroma’s northern business sister (Christiana Thorpe; the only head of NEC in the world with a fake correspondence PhD degree from the mushroom AMTECH Institute at Kissy Dockyard) now seeks Parliament ratification of a bill that would allow her to nullify votes. But we the Sierra Leoneans say woe betides any parliamentarian who votes for this bill intended to re-elect Ernest Bai Koroma against the will of the people, for s/he will bear the fullest responsibility for any consequences that follows.So much have we heard praise songs from Pa John Baimba Sesay (the Press Attaché to Sierra Leone Embassy in China), but so little have we seen any realistic change for the better; be it either at home or in the Sierra Leone Embassy in China. Ambassador J. M. Koroma and his Deputy I. M. Funna lost their posts for a corruption scandal involving a massive extortion of a Chinese businessman called Li Jijin.

In the event leading to their recall, Ex-ambassador J. M. Koroma left China in company with Harry Liu (a Chinese national appointed as a Commercial Attaché by the Sierra Leone Government to the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Beijing) to negotiate his elevation to a Deputy Ambassador of Sierra Leone to China. As I. M. Funna fell out with J. M. Koroma, Koroma was working on replacing Funna with Harry Liu (a Chinese national with Sierra Leone Service Passport). Had it succeeded, the grand ploy was that Harry Liu will in return lead J. M. Koroma to fertile ponds in China where Koroma  would have fished to enrich himself in multiple folds of what Funna squandered. Given the nature of governance by the APC-led government, that was a superb deal J. M. Koroma would not resist. But as God may stand in the shoes of the poor masses of Sierra Leoneans, both Koroma and Funna were dismissed and Harry Liu’s passport was withdrawn. Because of the seizure of his travel documents, Harry Liu bizarrely went stranded in Freetown for some six months or so.According to our sources back in Freetown, Harry Liu would eventually bribe his way through the corrupt APC government right up to the president to once again get things working in his favor.

This Chinese folk Harry Liu is much clever than a fox and has far abundant experience about Sierra Leone culture and the overtly corrupt nature of the Koroma-led APC government. As Harry Liu lost his staunch supporter J. M. Koroma for his dream elevation to the post of Deputy Ambassador, he used part of his amassed fortune in the Embassy of Sierra Leone to China to establish a rapport with Thomas Koroma ― who is President Koroma’s brother and also his personal assistant in the State House. In the space of a few months, Harry Liu was able to meet President Koroma in person and crossed mutually rewarding deals with him to get back his Sierra Leone Service Passport and Commercial Attaché post in the Embassy of Sierra Leone. Harry Liu has since been back to Beijing and has officially resumed work as Commercial Attaché in the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Beijing, China. This is, however, just a drop in the Ocean regarding this complex scheme of massive corruption perpetuated by the APC government in China.

The then Deputy Ambassador I. M. Funna duped a Chinese tycoon Li Jijin a hefty sum of dollars in return for making him the Commercial Attaché in the Sierra Leone Embassy in Beijing and Consul General in all other countries (e.g., Hong Kong, India and Vietnam) under the diplomatic purview of the Sierra Leone Mission in China. Funna promised Li Jijin a diplomatic package complete with diplomatic passports and license plates for him and all the staff he would engage to execute his job. This diplomatic extortion deal flopped and Funna was eventually dismissed from his job. However, the Chinese businessman Li Jijin persisted at the Embassy in what was an apparent follow-up to get the deal sealed. Shamelessly, the Koroma-led APC government moved to spare the diplomatic ties with China by doing a little bit of justice to Mr. Li Jijin. This is how I. M. Funna has gone scot-free with his extorted lofty sum of dollars and indeed that is how Sierra Leone and her poor people have to pay the prize for I. M. Funna’s diplomatic misconduct under the APC government.

Although the Chinese Government is likely to rebuff any future moves by Ernest Bai Koroma to appoint Li Jijin as Consul General to Hong Kong, he has for now been given a place in the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Beijing as Commercial Councilor. Concurrently, Harry Liu is serving in the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Beijing as Commercial Attaché. Only the Koroma-led APC government can tell us the difference between Commercial Attaché (headed by Harry Liu) and Commercial Councilor (headed by Li Jijin) in the Embassy of Sierra in Beijing. Irrespectively, however, both Li Jijin and Harry Liu each now head a group of Chinese staff for the fraternal posts they run in the Embassy of Sierra Leone. Li Jijin and Harry Liu have each been accorded an office in the basement of the Embassy for the inseparably identical posts. This odd situation has created an uneasy state of stand-off between the two Chinese bosses with Sierra Leonean Service Passports and Licenses Plates. The situation is so much so terrible that in the Sierra Leone Embassy in Beijing today, the number of corruptly employed Chinese staff far outweighs that of the home-based Sierra Leonean staff.

In other words, the Sierra Leone Embassy in Beijing is gradually being sold out to the Chinese for money to enrich the APC leadership. We in fact estimate that if Ernest Bai Koroma wins re-election to the presidency of Sierra Leone (may God forbid), the Sierra Leone Embassy will be completely sold out by the end of his second term in office.It is fair to state that the Koroma-led APC government never mixes up matters. President Koroma and his cohorts are desperate for one and only one thing; and that is to make as much wealth as possible, even if it meant selling Sierra Leone and putting her people to slavery. In fact in the whole world, it is only in the Embassy of Sierra Leone in China that the Chinese (who are actually foreign nationals) work in the position of Commercial Attaché/Councilor.

All other Embassies around the world use their own nationals for such post. This also shows how desperate the Koroma-led APC leadership has become in its relentless effort to sell Sierra Leone for the personal wealth of its leadership clique. Now that the government has identified China as a lucrative fishpond for practicing overseas corruptions of colossal magnitudes, it has set the stage perfect for mega-extortions by both the State House and the APC Party Office in Freetown. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Freetown also keeps a wild-open eye on the fishing activities of the government in this newly found fishpond to make certain that its own fair share any catches does not go off beam. So this is the trio-arm of the Koroma-led APC government with deep vested interests in the exploitation of China and high-profile overseas extortions via the established machinery in the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Beijing.

This is the game of mega-corruption set before the new Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Abu Bakarr Multi-Kamara. Will Mr. Multi-Kamara work to dismantle this game or will he work to foster it flourish? Although Mr. Multi-Kamara’s fate is in his own hands, we will for now maintain our fullest respect for him and hope that he will work to restore the image and dignity of Sierra Leone. In that sense, we firmly advice Mr. Multi-Kamara for his own respect and in the best interest of Sierra Leone to swiftly work to dismantle this neo-imperialist game established in the Embassy of Sierra Leone. Let all know that all will sooner or later have to face the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in the truest sense and spirit of the commission, not in the sense that the Koroma-led government today politicizes it to score political points against his opponents.

Written by Bitter-Truth

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